According to the relevant data sheet and the determination results

According to the relevant data sheet and the determination results, Xing Jingbai ginseng total saponins of Panax ginseng or monomer saponin content were significantly higher than those in or close to the Japanese white ginseng and Gao Libai ginseng.

Guiding case, classroom teaching mode’ because of its advocates ‘class is no longer a teacher’s classroom, but students of the school is student free access to knowledge supermarket’ ‘classroom on the students’ ‘pay attention to the student knowledge acquisition process and other advanced teaching idea and by more and more schools and favored by more and more teachers and students welcome. But there are some teachers due to the presence of errors in the operation and complain about ‘guiding case model than traditional classroom so handy and hearty, and even the emergence of serious Tuotang phenomena and knowledge did not speak in place many regrets, the’ high class ‘is not high

The economic system is that it is a norm of the economic behaviors of the interests of the parties relationship is important for the economy, and people of the economic system selection has shaped pattern of interests; system innovation is the existing economic interests adjustment, system innovation can be carried out smoothly, depending on the new institutional arrangements are the social identity and degree of support; the system innovation of the state-owned enterprises and the existing pattern of interests exist serious friction and conflict; successfully promote system innovation of state-owned enterprises, must face up to history to form a pattern of economic interests, to reduce the level of tension caused by the interests of institutional innovation to a minimum.